Stitch, Cut & Die

Stitch, Cut & Die is a 3D role playing game set in black & white, invoking film noir conventions.  The player assumes the role of Allesandra Balluci, a conservative bulldog journalist, who is covering an exploited labor story about third country nationals at an airbase in Iraq, but comes across another, more surreptitious crime--body trafficking--which takes her on a journey through a Chinese factory where bodies are prepared for public spectacle to a United States adult skin stem cell research lab.  The object of the game play is to solve the mystery by picking up fragments of visual and sonic information without getting caught, and ultimately to publish a story exposing the illegal trade.  The player's main weapons are her camera, and her ears.  As the player navigates each level, and encounters useful pieces of information at established trigger areas, she will be able to shoot a photography, store it in her journal, and overhear important clues.  This evidence will earn her "discovery points," and enable her to advance between the levels, until she finds her smoking gun... and wins the game.  But... at any moment, she could get caught, and become a victim of the system; just another carcass used to advance scientific determinism.